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Many people have inquired about my trap-shooting videos. The following will give you an idea of what is done in our workshops. We work on technique and style for the duration of the workshop and use video tapes to help illustrate the points we are trying to make. I work with everyone throughout the workshop to ensure that none of the shooters are shooting alone or are isolated from the group. Our goal is to instruct and demonstrate various practice methods that will continue to help the shooter not only during, but after the workshop as well.

The classes begin at about 10:00 am on the first day to allow the shooters to get acquainted with the area, gun club, etc. The size of the class determines the starting time for the following two days. We work together for approximately seven hours each day and review the video tapes during lunch breaks and at the conclusion of each day's sessions.

At the beginning of the workshop, we provide a brief orientation and stress safety (a most important element). We try to relax the group a bit and try to create an atmosphere where no one will be worried about how many targets they break or about embarrassing themselves in any of the practice sessions.

We then have everyone shoot a practice round and videotape each shooter. This initial tape provides a "base Line" against which each day's progress can be compared. Most shooters have never seen themselves shoot and the tape can quickly point out trouble spots that may leave been recurring problems for the shooter. It is true that "A picture is worth a thousand words."

While some are shooting a practice round and are being videotaped, we will pattern and fit the guns of the other shooters on the morning of the first day. We then discuss gun alignment and its relationship with the front beads and rib; space between the beads; upper body movement (side to side and in and out); staying on the gun and following through; movement of head, arms and shoulders; rear hand and arm position; and upper body movement. We also discuss simple practices that can be used at home and during the evenings to strengthen the upper body and how to make more fluid and quicker upper body movements. We discuss stance, line shooting the target and the importance of the area where you should see the target appear at the trap house. We demonstrate how to properly look at the target and we work on a very simple practice of looking at the bird, staying on the gun and following through. From the afternoon of the first day on, we will work on these things.

The first day we have worked on the straight away target; the afternoon of the second day we will get into learning how to shoot the angle target so that you do not shoot high and behind the angle target or alongside the quarter angle target (By now the shooter should have the fundamentals of shooting, movement, stance, and how to look at the target.) We conclude this day with shooting doubles. Shooting the angle target is also the second target in doubles.

The third day we still work on style and technique, but now we will show how to practice and shoot doubles and how to practice and shoot handicap. At this point the shooters should be able to shoot all targets from straight away and angle targets.

The following videos are available for purchase by
calling 813-749-6383

Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting
Learn proper stance, mount, arm position and other fundamentals of shotgun shooting. Master these fundamentals and you'll be ready to move into the more technical points of improving your shotgun shooting. $24.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Especially designed for trapshooters to improve scores. This tape builds on the Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting. Includes tips on shooting singles and handicap with special emphasis on shooting doubles. $24.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

A full program on all aspects of Skeetshooting including Doubles. $24.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Skeetshooting II
A continuation on the lessons from Skeetshooting including Doubles. $24.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Super Tape Trapshooting III
This is the ultimate trapshooting tape! Features include tips for one and two eyed shooters, right and left handed shooters; and many visuals using our exclusive "gun camera." You'll be able to look down the gun and see the correct right picture, gun points, and relationship of gun and target when breaking the target in singles and doubles. $49.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Workout Video For Singles
When weather conditions will not permit you to go to your gun club, this is the ultimate answer. Kay Ohye works with you in the privacy of your own home to help you in Singles. Just turn on your television and you will be on the trap field. $24.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

How To Pattern Guns And Proper Gun Fit
Are you tired of missing straight-away targets or getting your face bruised or cut. This tape will answer all your questions on proper gun fit and point-of-impact. $15.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Learn How To Shoot Two Eyes
This tape will take you step by step through different procedures. Learn how to hold your gun higher, look through the gun, be able to see a wider area when converting from one eye to two eyes, along with many practice drills. $49.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

The Secrets of Shooting Doubles In Skeet
Join the growing list of shooters learning on how to practice and how to shoot the Doubles correctly. $79.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Krieghoff: K-80 & Model 32 Gun Repair
Our video shows you how to do minor gun repair and maintenance. It details the fine points of caring for your gun's internal mechanism and gives tips on how to recognize gun wear. This tape can save you hundreds of dollars in minor gun repairs and will help you do preventative maintenance on your gun. $21.95
Watch an excerpt: Quicktime | Windows Media

Courtesy & Etiquette While On The Field
Most shooters don't know how to be courteous or know the ATA rules on shooting etiquette. This tape introduces new shooters into the game. Learn how to sign up, to lead off, move positions, score, traps, safety and the rules on hitting or missing targets.

Perazzi Gun Repair Tape
By Tony DeSimone who was trained by Perazzi. Learn how to replace firing pins, broken springs, etc. This video shows you how to totally strip your gun down and replace parts or clean the complete gun. Why pay gunsmiths for work you can do free? Save thousands of dollars!

Winchester Model 12 & SuperX Gun Repair Tape
By Jerry Stevens, the number one Model 12 man. This video shows you how to check your gun for problems and how to check for wear on everyday use. A complete gun disassembly of the Model 12 and SuperX. A must for Model 12 owners! Nu-Line does complete gun rebuilding, ventilated ribs and screw in chokes.

Reminton 1000 & 870 Gun Repair Tape
By Phil Cane. A complete tear down of the 1100 and 870. This video helps you learn the common points of wear in every day use and how to replace the different parts. Helps you when you are looking to buy a used 1100.

Style & Technique
This video is the first half-day of my workshop on trapshooting. Learn the proper mount, stance, upper body position, arm and hand position (grip) to make you a top shooter. This video was made for my Private Students!

Concentration & Mental Preparation
This tape will teach you how to concentrate and prepare yourself mentally.

By Kay Ohye.

Super Video Trapshooting II Rated #1 by the Shooters
This Video was made to add parts to my FIRST Trapshooting Video. Super Video was designed to help both one eye and two eye shooters, along with right and left hand shooters. We have HELPED over 7,000 shooters, including Nora Martin, one eye-right hand; Priscilla Baldwin, one eye left hand. Both women have broken 100/100 in doubles. Mike Baldwin, right hand, one eye and myself, two eye-right hand. This video should cover all the things you are interested in learning; gun point, gun heights, area to look, foot position, gun mount, head position, arm position, gun angle, body angle for 16yd, handicap and doubles, plus GUN CAMERA shots of each event, which show you the target and gun relationship. IF YOU BUY THIS VIDEO ON TRAPSHOOTING, IT WILL BE YOUR LAST! (It's Complete)

Eyerobics Tape
By Dr. Leon Revien, O.D. One of the BEST LEARNING & TRAINING SYSTEMS on the market today. A must for every Shooter! If you have trouble focusing on the target, here's a video that will help. I use this video and advise shooters in my class to use it also. A bargain for all shooters!

Kay Ohye's Workout For Handicap
This tape was designed to help the shooters with his or her handicap. Basically there are two breaks in handicap and the shooters have problems at each of these breaks. First in 23 yards, 24 if you shoot fast and 22 if you are slow; the second is 26 yards, 27 if fast, 25 if slow. At each one of these breaks, you have to learn how to be a better shot maker and learn how to shoot the target. This video addresses this problem.

Kay Ohye's Workout For Doubles
Designed to help you shoot BETTER doubles. Shows you where and how to shoot the first target and to practice at home moving away fast to the second target and pointing the gun at the target on the television. A must if you have time at home to practice doubles. We made paper double charts at first and replaced them with this video. Learn to shoot doubles right.

Showman Shooter
By Herb Parsons. One of the most exciting videos ever made. Exhibition shooting at its finest. A must for every sportsman. You'll love showing this to your friends. Herb was the first and only shooter to throw and break 7 ATA targets and break them with a pump gun. I remember hearing about Herb shooting a crow flying, with a 270 Winchester rifle in Pine Valley, NJ. He was #1 and this video is too.

Goose Hunting
By Kay Ohye. This is the best bird hunting video ever done. Approximately 2 hours long. It has some of the most exciting footage ever shot. Goose hunts using the paddling system, which are used all over the country and even in South America. Bring geese closer to your decoys. This video shows you how to make the paddles, building a blind, set decoys, how to call the geese, cooking recipes, a special duck section, gun safety and tips on how to be a better bird shooter. The most exciting gun camera shots of geese & ducks ever put together. A must for every hunter! You will love showing this video to everyone!

How To Be A Winner In Trapshooting
Concentration and mental attitudes are the most important things to learn. This video will help your concentration better and you will learn how to eliminate most of those nagging negative thoughts that hurt your score.

How To Play The Money In Trapshooting
Learn Where & When to play the money. Learn the difference between percentage and high gun purse, the lewis class and ford purse. Don't win a shoot and lose $10,000 because you didn't play the money. In trapshooting you have some shoots that pay very well. In the East, Maryland State and Virginia, in the mid-part, the Mid-America Spring and Fall Shoot and the Missouri Fall Handicap, etc. Don't go to these shoots and not play the right money. In the Missouri Fall 1993 Handicap, the lone 99-from 24-26 yards won $22,000 plus dollars.

How To Make 100 In Doubles
This video comes with the Doubles Workout Tape FREE (a $39.95 value). This is the most complete video on the market on shooting doubles. Learn where and how to shoot the first target, one-eye or two-eye, your gun point for each position one-eye or two-eye and right or left-handed. There are over 100 gun camera shots of the first and second target which let's you see the target and the gun leads. If you want to be a better double shot, here's the video for you.

Visual Performance Enhancement Program For Shooters
By Dr. Donald. Teig Vision is the major part of shooting good scores. This tape helps give some tips and exercises to enhance your vision.

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